The Missing Quests is a niche website in the semi-obscure small indie games vertical, and is a side project for yours truly. We believe that we’re posting content that is worthwhile for you. We are interested in keeping this project going as long as possible, so, where possible, we make decisions to monetize content on this site.

We want to earn and keep your trust. Monetization will never impact the overall outcome of editorial decisions on The Missing Quests—that is to say, we are never paid to change our opinion.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links have become a common practice in online publishing. TMQ use external affiliate links—when it makes sense—to help monetize content on this site. Affiliate links work by attaching tags to URLs, but are not used to de-anonymize your traffic to another website or service. In turn for using affiliate links, TMQ occasionally receives a small percentage of your purchase.

Ads, Game Keys/Review Code, and Sponsored Posts

In any situation where TMQ has received any payment/free content/early access to content/etc related to what we publish, we will disclose it in the post. Monetization will not influence the editorial outcome of our content, and we will not post content which does not reflect our standards of quality—we may rather just politely decline.

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Finally, a pledge for the future.

We know that we’re covering content that is, ultimately, a labor of love for many. The Missing Quests is not profitable. Should this ever change, we publicly pledge to direct a portion of our the profit toward funding game development and education, with a particular emphasis for those traditionally underrepresented in our community. We want to be a force for good.

(Last Updated 25 May 2019)