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Level 4 in 30-50 Feral Hogs, depicting a pixel art farmer protecting their children.

30-50 Feral Hogs is a pixel art game by Elijah Cobb. Protect your small kids who are playing in your inadequately protected yard from, well, 30-50 feral hogs.

Okay, yeah, don't take this too seriously—this is just a timely meme. But, that's kinda the sheer joy in this medium. This game isn't particularly notable or clever, nor does it bring impressive mechanics into play. But it is timely, and it does make a solid statement on some of the absurdities of our time. The game's creator dives in a bit more on their reasons in this tweet thread—it's worth it to take a glance at it.

We enjoy games because they're interactive art that is funny and fun. In its simplicity and timeliness, this game succeeds at being just that. A playthrough of 30-50 Feral Hogs will require 3-5 minutes of your time and can be played in your web browser.

As an aside, I support rational gun control as a route to end gun violence and build safer communities. Also, I don't think video games directly contribute to violence or mass shootings. Consider a donation to an organization like Everytown, who are working towards a rational solution to the gun violence problem.

The Missing Quests Season 1 is Complete

The Missing Quests was a season of sharing small indie games by Alex Guichet.
Stay tuned for new writing projects, or a potential next season of TMQ.
Alex Guichet @alexguichet

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